Something in the Works

So, it has literally been a while.

I hope some have kept following me on Instagram and on Facebook.
But there is something in the works as the title says…

Photo Thanks to KC @Shirtstuckedin

Hoping to keep this updated ongoingly and add some extra features for you to enjoy. Have a lot of photos to post up from back in the days to current for you to reminisce or inspire too. I still have my gold car which was white as seen in the previous post back in 2014, and currently trying to finish off my street AE85-kai Build plus my Purple S15 in Nara, Japan and my Wagon R Turbo in Osaka. My Wife will be bringing her Red S15 to NZ sometime soon also!

I will also try and share some stories about the adventures behind the photos and add context where I can.

In the meantime enjoy these photos from Mikami Auto – Old Car Meeting 2018 in Hiroshima.

This was my 2nd time in Hiroshima, and was somewhat a boys weekend out.
KC, Jamie, Braden, JC and myself hopped in a wagon from Osaka to Hiroshima to head to this Kyusha (旧車) event and had the best Hiroshima style okonomiyaki ever.

KC, Me, Jamie, Braden, JC at Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima

After what ended up a blurry night, and getting a bad review on Airbnb due to not getting there, we made our way to a rural part of Hiroshima where the event was being held. I will leave the story here and come back to it at a later date. But enjoy and I hope to hear that bringing this back was good.

Stay Tuned!


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