86 Fighters is for all car enthusiasts but we specialize in the AE86 chassis
Our commitment to all avenues of motorsport, custom work and tuning has expanded to our current state, in which we would like our customers to read and join us in understanding a bit about the history from Japan.
We stock old car goods, memorabilia, magazines, books, brochures, DVD’s and more.
Starting off with a passion for cars, then into the photography of cars, then into tuning and development, we try and give access to all enthusiasts, an insight to the worldwide automotive culture.
We look forward to, and appreciate your support.

If anyone needs to contact me, please email us at: team@86fighters.com


Keisuke Nagashima

36 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Keisuke,

    It was nice to meet up with you on the weekend at Ebisu! I trust you had a great weekend?
    I was just speaking to some of our guys here at 7tune, and we were wondering about if you’d like to do some stuff for us too.
    In the meantime, hit me up at peter(@)7tune.com

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  2. Hey Keisuke,

    Just sending you a quick message to see if you will put up a link for Touge.co.uk in the “links” section of the blog?

    If you could that would be excellent, we could sort you out with some discount off a shirt or two in exchange?


  3. Hey dude, I have dirt in alot of my photos now, similar looking marks to your pervious photos, Was yours dirt inside the lens? How did you get it cleaned?


  4. Thanks for adding the link. We appreciate it 🙂
    If you ever need some stickers or a shirt, send me an email and we can sort out a discounted price.

  5. Hi – I wanted to send you a decal that I made for 25th Anniversary of the AE86 in USA.

    let me know, tks


  6. Hi Keisuke,
    I love the blog. I recently came to Japan from the US, and I am absolutely fascinated by Japan’s car culture, its an amazing scene here. I am actually a freelance photographer, and I am interested in taking some pictures of some of Japan’s amazing rides. I was wondering if I could talk to you a little bit about that. Please email me at sudio@jeremyveverka.com, I would love to talk.


  7. Dear whom it may concern;

    I am requesting a link on behalf of http://www.wotmagazine.com, a new, online interactive magazine that focuses on all

    things motorized & all things grassroots in all motorsports. We offer the latest trends, styles, event coverage and

    tech articles in one dynamic site.

    I believe our site would appeal to the same audience that visits yours. Please consider a link to your site. I

    would appreciate you letting me know weather you are accepting new links, and/or when ours has been posted.

    For your convenience, I provided the code for the html text link.

    WOT Magazine

  8. love the blog Keisuke-san! lets exchange links and blogroll! I’m located in Northern Japan.

    domo arigato!


  9. Hey hey Keisuke! I want to share with you http://www.RaceFansTV.com We broadcast licensed full-length racing videos 24 hours/day across 10 different channels and just came out of beta.

    Would you mind taking a look at our site and consider adding us to your Blogroll as well?


  10. Hi Keisuke,
    Awesome site! Have been checking it out for a while now. Hope its OK to add you to my links…


  11. Hi!

    We’ve have started a Ukrainian blog about JDM cars and lifestyle, http://www.jdm.in.ua, so I wonder, can I repost some of yours pics? Of course I will add a link to your blog every time, and also a permanent link to your blog will be added to the title page.
    Waiting for your reply, thanks!

    Best regards,


  12. hey keisuke

    iv been into my 86 for along time now an im very interested in buying a trueno with a 20v blacktop and if so have it already turbo charged. problem is they are very very very hard to come buy in new zealand so i have been thinking about importing one from japan. if you could i need some help finding a website for the car and an import company

    would be much appreciated


  13. G’day Keisuke!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, I’m liking those little MX-5’s.

    Anyway, I’ve added you to my blog roll, I hope you could do the same.


  14. Hey Adam,

    All done man! Good to see more people enthusiastic about the MX-5’s!
    They are awesome cars! Keep it up!


    Give me an email dude, and Ill try help you as much as I can!
    Let me know!



  15. Hello my name is Morgan Beresford and I’m part of the team Driverwannabe.com. I am sending you this message after seeing your blog / site, really cool! Would it be possible to do a banner exchange for publicizing each other our blogs / sites?

    Best Regards

    Morgan Beresford

  16. Hi Keisuke,

    First of all, I love your blog. Drifting scene is close to none in my country, so blogs, pics and Youtube is all I have 😀

    I’m writing for JDM Racing Blog ( http://jdm-racing.blogspot.com ) and I’m looking to expand blogroll links exchange. Hit me up if you’re interested and keep up the good work!

    Best regards,


  17. hey bro, wondering if you have a gallery of fotos from dmnz manfeild 12sept 2010? i didnt get any pics of myself that day 😦 i drive red 180sx any help would be great!
    cheers, troy

  18. Sorry man, I missed that one! Dont know who shot it either but give Drew a call and see if he knows! Otherwise Ill see you at the next event and definitely get some shots of you!
    Cheers Keisuke

  19. Hey the event you posted on FB for August has a start time of 4am – we have a heap of drivers who want to know if this is really the case or if it’s a typo. We’ve asked the event on the page but no one has responded… can you get back to me or amend the event to reflect the real start time please?

  20. Hey brother!

    Long time reader, love the site! I just watched this FT-86 trailer for the Frankfurt auto show that apparently just came out. Thought I’d send it your way since I didn’t see it on the site – and I thought it was pretty awesome.

    Cheers, keep up the good work!


  21. hello Keisuke.sou João of Portugal.
    Congratulations on your blog have good taste.
    I also wanted a ae86 and a few more wheels jdm saw somewhere that you had some for sale I would like to know what.
    send email to j_pedrinho@live.com.pt
    best Regards

  22. Can you email me your editor’s email address? We have a new weekly drifting show I would like to send you guys info for.

    Thanks – Curtis

  23. Hi mate just wondering if I can get some 86 fighter stickers for my 86 posted to Australia
    I want x4 please

  24. hi i was driving my 85 the other day and some guy called paul (i think) pulled up next to me and said i should hit you up about coming to some meets.
    from khan in auckland

  25. I was just wondering if you were selling any of your stickers at all I would love to grab one for my collection of my future project cheers let me know .

  26. Hey, wondering if I could buy a sticker or two off of you? Need to add to my collection for my current project and future projects. c:

  27. Hey guys. Sick blog. I wanted to ask if those 86 fighters banner are for sale?
    Thank you

  28. Hey man.

    I would be so stoaked if I could rep 86fighters on my car.

    If you email me back I can send you some photos of my car..
    I’m on Instagram with the car @nzeightsix.

    The spec list has gone through the roof for this car but if your curious About it all il be happy az to tell you all about it.

    Cheers, hope to hear back from you soon.


  29. Hey
    I am wanting to purchase a 86 fighters windscreen sticker for my ae86 that i drive in N.Z , also would like to provide you a few pictures of my ae86 if your interested ,

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