Fun in the Dark @ Minami Course

As the day started to fall into the night, the atmosphere became relaxed and things became a little quieter. Everyone was off the track and was gathered for a group BBQ and beverages!

It wouldnt be a Japanese Matsuri (Festival) without some Karaoke!!!

Its a rare occurance to see Minami course in this light!

But this is where the fun began. As most of you have seen on videos and photos, this sport was founded from the mountains/touge which was driven at night.

They put on a crowd friendly show where they took a passenger with them each for a hot lap, which included Brad and myself and what fun! I hope one day I will be driving with them taking my own passengers!

Most of this I have on Video which will be put together soon along with all the other footage I got from Japan.

With Naoto Suenaga from Team Orange, Winner of the most recent WTAC Drift Event leading the way there was no doubt that this was going to be an experience!

Who was closely followed by Nakaji-san in his S15, Nakaji-san took me out for a run and it was so much fun! It may look easy from the outside, but the amount of work thats going on inside was amazing!

I found that S15’s have no signs of traction problems, setup well they have more foward momentum then any car Ive been in!

The all came prepared with Lights galore! The LED’s inside the wheel are a cool effect!

The huge smoke trails helps too!

He was Cranking through the day and night!

Another Nicely styled NB, Roadsters have a big following in Japan!

His driving was improving through-out the night too!


Full Gallery Here:


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