Hoshino Car Style: Warming Up

Into the afternoon the level of driving kept progressing with even D1 Street Legal drivers showing up for a few runs!

Along with some privateers with an equal amount of skill, the angle this guy was getting was in his entries was awesome!

Drifting with the roof off during summer times would be the best feeling! Would rock an open face to that too!

This daily driven 180 looked so good! Function over form at its best.

This S15 was a member of Team Spirant and is one of the top Female competitors in Japan. She was out doing some runs with the Drift Tengoku Magazine photographer getting some shots of her.

And seeing her enter the famous jump of minami course at full force, there was no doubt why she is one of the top drivers!

With maybe a little too much aggression, well just enough for it to only damage the rear bumper… In other words: Skill

I really like the concept behind the street legal series, The driving is just as exciting as D1GP and the cars you can normally relate too abit better. I hope one day in New Zealand we have something similar for people with smaller budgets to be able to experience the fun that is experienced through this.

Now this is what Minami course is famous for….

See how his front suspension is compressed…

Theres actually a small dip there and at speed, makes the springs compress and rebound which lifts the car.

The secret in entering and linking that sweeping corner is to use weight on the rear springs once your over that dip with the rest being throttle control and braking. Easy right?…

This C35 was powered by a RB26, OS Giken Crossmission, and about 600hp.

The various colours that you see in Japan is what keeps each car new and fresh. Even if it may not be one persons style, it may well be the coolest to another.

This Pink 180 had the best angle Ive seen entering into that corner

Looked like they were both having a bit of fun too!

Eigo-san was killing it all day!

But it wasnt like that for everybody, this JZX100 blew its half shafts mid morning, but he was on the mission on putting the replacement torsen LSD he sourced locally in the car for the night sessions!

This NB and AW came sometime in the afternoon, the variety of cars that get driven over here is amazing!

The passengers seemed to like the attention of the camera!

Next up : Night shots!


Full Gallery Here:

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