Effect-Tech.jp : D1 AE86

On my last trip to Japan a month ago I was introduced to Noboru Morita, owner of Effect Tech which is a workshop that is up for any task given including mechanical and body repairs.

I was Introduced to Morita-san through Eigo-san who owns the Spirant Roadster. He told me he knew of a very high spec’d 86 and seeing it was my last night in Japan, he didnt mind driving my friend Brad and I out to see Morita-sans 86.

This is what we came to and what an example… I have not seen an 86 of this calibre in NZ. Morita-san has had this particular Trueno for 19 years and counting and it definitely shows.

The TRD Rear wing sits on a FRP rear Hatch which hangs above the rear bumper along with a rear diffuser. Sporting Gram Lights 57C’ on the rear and Wide Watanabes up front, the Aero has been chosen to suit with CBY Flares and One-off gaurds and sides.

Uras Front bumper with custom Front Splitter.

But for an 86 to be of this type of styling only means that it has the engine package to suit, and to me this was the best part.

With over 220ps+ N.A and about 300-320ps with NOS, its not your everyday 4AG. This particular bottom end is not powered by a standard 4AG crank, but a 5AG crank from an American Workshop named BC. With the heart of the motor changed, everything has been replaced to suit including rods, pistons, headwork and the lot.

As you can see the intake is sorted through quad throttles and a sports Injection and Nos setup. The nos was unhooked at the time as this motor was only fresh and was getting dyno’ed the next day.

Nothing too fancy, everything is built for a purpose.

And into where it all this gets controlled by…

I’ve noticed that most 86 owners run big steering spacers to get the wheel closer to their torso including myself.

Laptop plugged into his Freedom ECU all ready for his Dyno Tune.

With any good car, its all about balance. So to be able to use this little hachiroku to its potential, Morita-san has made his own knuckles to increase his lock.

With the use of adjustable lower arms which He has made himself, the tie-rod has been extended to suit.

He showed me a very safe and cost effective way of extending your tie-rods… You use your the old threaded rod from a rack end and chop the tie-rod and threaded rod off, as the tie-rod is a tube you can put the threaded rod that has been cut off inside the tube and into the threaded part into the thread of the tie-rod. Weld one side of the rod and use the threaded side to measure how much you want to extend it by. Then either lock it using a nut or just weld in place.
Makes sense!

This is a whole front adustable lower arm and castor arm setup that Morita-san will also be selling. Do want!

Running Dunlop Direzza S-tyres up front.

Of course, like with all 86 Enthusiasts; there are valuable spares lying all over the workshop along with these spare engines for those easy swaps in needed situations.

Including this, the 5AG crank from BC that gives the little 4AG 1,732cc of capacity. Effect Tech are also the distributor of these 5AG Cranks in Japan, and with Morita-san using his own car as an pure example of quality of the product, hopefully this easy 5AG conversion will become more common than engine swaps!

I want to thank Morita-san and Eigo-san for their time. I hope to one day be able to drive alongside both drivers on the track and have some fun.


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