86Life: NZ

Happy 86 Day to everybody!

I Actually thought 86Day was this wednesday and didnt organize anything till the last minute but everyone in the 86 community came together and had an awesome night!

I dont think Ive seen this many 86’s on the road at once in New Zealand since Ive lived here… It’s definitely awesome to see the culture growing!

Nick Teeboons old street car, now owned by Matt but Nick was in the drivers seat last night! Once we all met up in front of Albany Toyota we went for a small drive towards a venue with abit more light.

All these 86’s were so vast in their styling, yet chassis wise they are the same car, I can’t wait to see all of us at a circuit.

The above Levin hatch is owned by Richard Selby and is 4AGZE powered, Very nice build!

Two very well maintained examples owned by Andy and Paul.

Yong Choi’s awesome Trueno Hatch, this is a little monster in hiding!

Shaun Borlands Turbo Levin, awesome work man, keep it up!

XR4 Longchamps on Panda…. Timeless

Stan and his KE70 came down to have a look. My old A3A’s that were on my B310 now on this! So good!

Along with my good friend Brad and his Caldina, which does 0/400m in a casual 12seconds…

The rest are in Black and White, I want to get back into film so bad…

Glens Clean levin hatch on Techno Phantoms

With the 86 Community growing in NZ, I cant wait what 2013 has in store for us! If you have are in NZ and have a 86 and happen to be reading this, please add yourself to NZ Hachi Owners on Facebook so I can let you know about more up and coming events!

What happened after this shot is something only for the people there too enjoy and keep in our memories, awesome night guys, Hope to see you all soon!

Thats to Dom for taking photos throughout the night too!


4 thoughts on “86Life: NZ

  1. Excellent pics Keisuke, was by far the best park up i’ve been to, awesome to see so many 86’s – gutted mine had to have issues mid skid…

  2. So glad I made it! Was an awesome meet up, so good to see so many 86’s in one place! Can’t wait for the next one!

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