Hoshino Car Style: Battling Practice

Like I said earlier, as the day went on, the level of driving and excitement along with an assortment of Orange cars that came onto the track was something else!

Like this S14 with Ichigo Face! I thought this car was styled awesome as I’m not normally a fan of S15 fronts on S14’s.

Another S14.5

Full Commitment and getting close!

I can’t get enough of Eigo-sans Spirant NB!

This pink 180 had some mad angle entering, a bit of a teaser just for now!

Here is Hoshino-san warming up his JZX90

For this tsuiso with Nakaji-san!

Hoshino san going for the Overtake! These two are such good drivers that they make adjusting to one another look so easy!

And again!

With that spectacle amping more of the drivers up!

Holding bits of bumpers with smiles on their faces! You know they had a good time!

So cool! That kid is lucky to have a mum like her!

There’s even more so stay tuned!!!

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