Hoshino Car Style Day: To the Track

As everyone starts to setup base, I took the time to go around and introduce myself to everyone.

They seemed to like the fact that Brad and I came all the way from New Zealand to see some drifting so were so welcoming and friendly.

With everyone setting up their pit area the array of cars was something else, with each car having so much individual taste and style it was a cool mix of people all here for the same reasons.

Im not sure what it is about drift cars but the colour Orange seems to suit most applications.

Brad enjoyed the wall quite abit, Its not everyday you get to stand trackside at a D1GP Used Circuit.

This 86 was out on the track first, and changed his muffler for the occasion too…

Then the Mark II

They just kept coming!

Keeping the setup simple with the standard 1800 and some One Off Coilovers and LSD, it seems to work well!

This RPS13 was a very nice example of a daily driven drift car. Drove well through-out the day too with very consistent entries!

This R32 with a C35 Front was tagged as the Ebisu Circuit Keisatsu-sha (Police Car). Even had the flashing red light for when he’s in chase!

Along with the weird and wonderful things to see while your at Ebisu is this Stagea for example. Its not the car, its definitely the skill of driver in this case!

Another car to be driven there and driven back!

Four wheel lock into the hairpin

and a nice switch into the sweeping right hander

Then the higher powered cars came out to play

This is Tomoharu Nakaji’s S15

He is actually a Subaru Test Driver, but for fun he drifts… Even the most responisible drivers love drifting!

The driver of this Chaser was top notch too!

I remember him saying that it was around the 600-700ps mark.

More to come, as the day progresses so does the excitement!

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