Work with abit of Play

So, like the last post, its been a while since I have last posted on here.
Been so jammed up with work that my camera has been having a nice rest but as I am off to Japan on Monday, be sure to keep an eye out as Ill be posting most of my antics on here.

But as this should be an update, I will let you guys know whats been going on with my 86.

I went to a trackday at Taupo Track 3 organized by Taupo’s very own Picket from Zeroclass and had a ball!

The week before, I had decided to go for more lock before the trackday so work was done and finally converted over to Manual rack and with the addition of AJPS Super Lock Spacers and Dillon milling down a rackend to act as a 5mm spacer, it was all going to plan. I had got Graeme Smyth from GSM to extend my KE30 LCA’s another 20mm and add some extra bracing to the bottom. They turned out perfect and the final result was this:

Ive got a heap more photos from the day so will put them up once I get them off my friends computer.
All the 86 needs now is more N.A Power so hopefully stay tuned.


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