Update: Guard and Wheel work

So, it’s been a while since the last update but here’s something to finally show for it!

Thanks Mittle for lending me his camera for this shot!

Wheels are on and guards were beaten.
I swapped the tyres over from the 7J Hayashis onto the 8.5J Superstars which was abit heated.
Need to buy 195/45 for the rear as it rubs on 185/60.
Still need to bolt my passenger seat in and do something about the inner skins on the rear guards and then go for a cert. Will see how it turns out over summer but for now Im pretty stoked.
My Zenki Front lip is also being fixed up to be put on which will pretty much finish the exterior look. Would love a goodline bumper down the track though.

Anyway, hope to get onto the manual rack conversion soon to install my AJPS super lock spacer and get my lower arms lengthened. Then hopefully test it all out early next year.

Big thanks goes out to Ressa in Beaurepaires Albany for the use of his shop during the weekend and Dillon for helping me out in time of need, one of my 185/60’s decided to make friends with the inner guard and the punctured the sidewall so lent me a hammer and his 9J Mk II’s.

Hopefully I have time to do some photo taking over the summer. Been lacking lately.


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