Not many updates recently as Ive been busy working on the car to get it road worthy for December.

But here something that is worth posting!

With a big list of things to do, I can finally tick one thing off! In the process of getting new cap screws and will need to drill holes for them to go through so then I can finally bolt it all together and get a tyre on there. Thanks to Dillon who machined the old lips off for me at his work, the new lips slide on perfectly!

Running 185/55/14 RE-01 Potenzas for the front on the 14×8.5J -22 Superstars.
For the rear I am trying to find some 195/45/14 but will come in time! Have some old grid II 185/60’s to go on for now.

Hopefully it fits well with abit of guard work, also in process of converting to manual rack with an added lock spacer and making some mount for the Brix on the passengers side.


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