GZE 70 Coupe

This Is Daniels well built AE70 Coupe

Fender Mirrors, Mk II’s and Volk mesh. A very well put together combination!


A Coupe done right in NZ is a very rare sight but is definitely a nice change!


Not only is the bodyshape unique about this car, but the engine that its’ powered by is not just an ordinary 4AGE, but a highly tuned 4AGZE


Toda Adjustable cam gears gives the engine an aggressive appearance, along with the SC14 Supercharger and Heat wrapped Extractors, this engine in Daniels perspective is the best part of the car.

The interior is sorted with two bucket seats and a nardi Classic. The old dash has also been redone with Auto-meter gauges and a SAFC to keep everything in eyes view.


With more and more old Toyota’s being built to this standard, its inevitable that the old school Toyota culture is growing wide-spread through-out New Zealand and the world!

The more the better in my eyes and Daniel and his AE70 is one of many that show this!


2 thoughts on “GZE 70 Coupe

  1. Nice!!!!!

    Civic radiator? How is it?
    Been thinking about getting one because their super cheap and slim. Any pictures of the lower brackets?

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