Mr Anderson’s Levin Notch

This particular Hachi was built by Mr Clint Anderson, Starting off with a standard AE85 3AU and coming to a site like this is somewhat an achievement If I say so myself.


Even going through the Engine conversions of 16V 4A from the old 3AU and more recently converted to the 20Valve, this hachi has had some time and effort spent on it!


Nicely Flared guards, Kouki Bumper with what I think looks like USDM lip, Sideskirts, Single Drop vent bonnet and fog light cut outs on the GT Grille makes for a good balanced touch!

Enkei Barrels, rarely Found in 4×114.3, are fitted to this Levin and with good amount of taper!

With more and more Hachis of this caliber popping up in New Zealand, I’m sure it’s safe to say that the 86 Culture will be upheld for a long time yet! 


5 thoughts on “Mr Anderson’s Levin Notch

  1. Have been waiting for some more pictures of clints beast to pop up such an amazing car! Any chance there is some engine bay pictures?

  2. Cheers Clint! Had a good look round your photobucket album the ae is so rad, good to see some of your old cef too remember i used to think it was awesome when was on DSD

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