Getting it done

Well, the 86 has been in my hands for just over 2 days and the progress to get it complied on NZ roads is defnitely showing! With the big help of AJ from Pitstop Grey Lynn letting me use the workshop to get things ready for compliance, Fast progress is definitely achievable!

All front end panels have been taken off, both doors and also got the rear bumper off later. Pretty much getting it ready for the panelbeater to come have a look at it and see what needs to be done regarding rust repairs etc. Would do it myself but need to get this on the road as soon as and works been overloaded.

Test fitting some of the wheels, these SSR Superstars are getting the barrels widened on them in future which should look wicked!

Gave the Sunny abit some new shoes to rock round in. Need alot more low though but it is my daily in the end. Will get onto lowering it soon after I get it a WOF haha

Where it normally rusts behind the rear bumper wasnt an issue which Im very happy about, We had also put my friend Harry’s 7AGTE powered AW11 on the hoist as it had a crack in the manifold which I tig’d up for him. This car is alot easier to work on while its up in the air!

The worst amount of rust found was where the door hinges bolt to on the sill, But nothing that cant be fixed!

We have made AJ’s Workshop look like and 80’s car garage! Cheers again to AJ at pitstop! If anyone needs an exhaust done or any mechanical work head there!




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