Worth the Wait

This has been a long time coming…. But its finally here and I can do some work!

Been a while since I last owned one of these but this one I’ve owned for 2 years but been stored at my parents place over there and only just got enough funds to bring it over and I am over the moon!

Now I had a stack full of parts inside the car to come over, and I had forgotten exactly how much was inside it till today! haha Even I suprised myself!

Firstly, the sea of wheels!

24 Wheels inside the car to be exact including SSR Superstars and starsharks, some of them will be up for sale too so if anyone is interested let me know!

This picture is win, im sure most of you will agree! haha

I definitely had a massive smile on my face hahah

First 86 with a Digi-dash for me! So retro spec!

Got a few little bits and pieces for the standard bluetop to have abit of go but all in good time!

The 2 Year wait for this car had got me amounting parts till its arrival, and now that its here I can finally put all of them to use! Have to go to storage and find the rest now! haha

All in all, it does need abit of work done to it before I can get it on the road but most old toyotas do so thats no change, Im just happy to have it in the same country as me so I can start on it as soon as! Have been planning this car for 2 years so there will be many updates to come! Stay tuned!


12 thoughts on “Worth the Wait

  1. Good to see its here bro, Annnd i just took my hachi for a drinv again tonight! Now i dont even want to sell it!!! they are so much fun to drive, but anywho put my down for a set of wheels bud!!!!! you have some that would look very nice on mine 😀

  2. Wow…great collection..im really interested in those Wats and Starsharks….ship to Miami,Fl??


  3. Cheers for the kind words guys!
    Its in alot worse condition than i left it two years ago but nothing that cant be fixed!
    Full panel and paint is on the cards!
    Cant wait to get this thing on the road and driven daily! Will be alot of fun!

    Installed my quickshift and shifter tonight, Just need to put carpet, Brides and harnesses in and interior will be done.
    Might take it to a test day on the skidpan, not sure yet. More important getting it on the road… Will see how tempted I am once bride is in! haha

    Think most of the wheels are already sold but if anyone has any offers than email me on d1.keisuke@gmail.com


  4. Cool!!
    Let me know if you are selling the factory drivers seat now you’ve got a bride. From memory it was a nice one?

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