Pickets: Part II – Nice and Close

As the Day Progressed the track conditions started to dry out which only meant one thing…

Smoke; as Mike demonstrates here

And as confidence grew, so did the amount of battles like this one with Adam chasing Tarran

Heres a few more shots from earlier on in the morning

Anyway, the whole connection with the title is this day was probably the best day that I’ve had shooting close to the cars since Matsuri back in 09′



Part 3 to come from the afternoon!

Full Gallery Here:










3 thoughts on “Pickets: Part II – Nice and Close

  1. Sick photos man! Do you have any more of Pattys blue S14?
    I know you probably have a stack to go through but your photos are ALOT better than mine 🙂
    you can just email them if you like to ashleykibblewhite@gmail.com!

    Thanks heaps

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