Pickets 21st Track Day : Morning Wet Session

Taupo Local, Chris ‘Picket’ Howard from Zeroclass organized a trackday to celebrate his 21st birthday! Most of us came down for the event from Auckland but it was more than worth the trip down. I had gone down with Graeme Smyth who’s S15 I had featured on here before, along with his Missus Krystal, Dillon that has the Levin Featured Below and Elliot who’s S14 Ive also featured before.

As we headed down to the track, the weather was still quite moist, keeping the track surface damp

Mel from Team Blink had her JZX100 down for the day, along with Adam from C’s Garage in his S14 imported from Japan and Tarran from Team S-Club in Nick’s Race 86

Mike from Garage Slipway was there to debut the JZX90 on the Track

And seemed to have it under full control too!

Another JZX that was being put to good use thanks to Mel!

Graeme in his S15 had things under control with good use of the handbrake

Zac in his Trueno Notch was representing the Hachi’s in good form!

Adam adapted to the freshly imported S14 and seemed to be loving it!

With a little message to his Brother Joel who’s in Japan right now written on the rear quater

Adam followed by Zeroclass Max Fouhy

Tarran from Team S-Club was driving Nicks 86 like he stole it… maybe he did?

Even encountering some pressure by Mikes JZX90

As the morning progressed, there were more drivers getting comfortable with each other

Mel Following another Max’s 1JZ Powered S13

Max and Ben were the only people representing Tri-spokes for the day, funnily enough both on S13’s

Waz from Garage Slipway in his JZX81 always pleases the eye!

Funnily enough, most of the “Kiwi Drift” Scene only know about Laurels, Skylines and Cefiro’s as being Drift cars and mistake this as a Laurel… Isn’t that right Waz? haha

The only Cefiro for the day was Jo’s A31

And the only couple of R32’s was Royce’s a.k.a “Yol Lil Johnny’s, Rip Dat Shit!” 4Door

Powered by the almighty RB20E… Yes SOHC motor, with Tein Coilovers, 15’s and a Lock diff EDIT: 2 Way, he was throwing and Kicking this thing around like a ragdoll whilst making it look cool! Awesome!

And the other skyline was Cam’s RB28 Powered R32 Coupe, opposite end of the spectrum wouldn’t you say? But Cam had this thing on lock down!

And you could definitely tell as the passenger looked like he was having the time of his life! But this really represented the Day as a whole.

And the two Laurels were Jason Sellers 2JZ powered C33 showing a bit of handbrake control

and this cool street reg’d C33

Neal was also looking like he was having a good time in his Strawberry Face 180

Same with James in his Turtle 180SX

Troy was building his confidence up as it was his first outing at a trackday

Elliot also took his S14 out for a few laps to see if his car was still missing… Guess it was fine!

Ali and Hugo were out seeing how the track was in Hugo’s 4×4

This is only the coverage from the morning…. There are many more to come with some cool close up shots of the entry corner so stay tuned!


Full Gallery Here:

4 thoughts on “Pickets 21st Track Day : Morning Wet Session

  1. Bro, car has a 2way not a locky hahaha you making a nigger sound poor! hahahahah

  2. seriously cant wait to see what other photos you’ve got coming up,and as for your comm
    ent about passengers,you being one of them youre able to make valid comments!!!

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