Dillon’s Levin Hatch

Last time I had a look at Dillons Hatch it was still in the workshop here, Getting the cage put in.

Since then it has all been pieced back together and it is definitely looking good!

The widened Mk II SSR’s look awesome, especially with the centres painted black matching the two tone. Paint wise its still not finished yet but good things take time

14×9 in the rear with a 195/45 Toyo T1R stretched onto it

And 14×7.5 at the front

Dillon has also tidied up the engine bay a lot! Looks so simple and clean

With the Interior and Cage all painted up he put together his interior including two Bride Zeta III’s

Still retains the old AE85 Dash though! haha

If Dillon wants me too, I want to have a go at the rear gaurds on this and get it sitting lower!

The more Hachi’s built, the better! This is another to add to the list of up to spec’d Hachi’s in NZ. Keep it up!

6 thoughts on “Dillon’s Levin Hatch

  1. Looks so good 45 on a 14 so low.
    Did I say it looks so good ?

    Ps Keisuke do you have any more pics of mine from the other night ?

  2. I believe it was some place down in wellington who did the wheels and their a 9 and -10 offset on the rear

  3. bro i still cant get over this car, so simple and clean, i like this shape 86 the best, nice bay too!!

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