NZ New :S15 Styling

Here is another good friend of mines S15, We both went to pick this up when he first bought it and that was going a couple years back now…

Sure has changed since then, I have featured this car before here when it had CR Kai’s, Now sporting 18/19 AVS Model 5’s its a definite looker

As its still in progress, the rear gaurds done by myself aren’t finished and the Kit still needs painting but the final outcome will be immense!

Using D-Max Sides and Rear Bumper, along with a DC2 ITR Front lip on the custom OEM Bumper, its definitely gives this S15 a bit of aggression.

Rear sits at a Nice height

With the addition of the Bride Drivers seat and Yashio factory Water-temp guage and shifter inside.

Still has the Two post wing sitting around, so put it on for a quick shot!

5 thoughts on “NZ New :S15 Styling

  1. Love the new look on this S15. How difficult it is to have that license plat obstruct the airflow to the intercooler?

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