Backtracked: 86 Meeting

Been busy with a lot of things here and there but finally got some time to get these done so here they are!

This was probably the most amount of Hachi’s accrued at one point at a meeting, but seeing as this was our first Hachi only meeting it was good to see the condition of each car and shit talk with like minded people

There were two non-toyota’s there, Shanes R32 and My Datsun B310 Daily, my good friend Kerry’s E70 which we recently put a 4AGE Smallport into and the rest were some very cool hachi’s!

Nick Teeboon’s Streeter is awesome to say the least, Powered by his old 7A race motor which was in his race 86, its definitely a well used 86!

Clint Recently did a 20V Swap into his Levin! The Zenki Grille with fog lamp cut-outs are a cool addition!

Kerry’s E70 with the new addition of the 4AGE was definitely one of the coolest cars at the meet

Sam and Jimmy living the 86LIFE!

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