86 Update

Fuel tank is back and with the fuel pump working its a drivable car again! This means its able to get on the roll on, roll off ship with everything in it which I’m stoked about. Its back at Daikoku Futo wharfs now so should arrive in NZ sometime next month. I have a lot of parts stashed away from the years for its arrival including Oil cooler kit, Coilovers, Brides etc. But I just bought myself a Toda 3.7KG Flywheel!

Am going to try get it driftable by 6th of June as my good friend is having a Trackday at taupo for his Birthday! Also doing a 4AGE smallport conversion on Kerry’s E70, which can be seen here, tomorrow which will be alot of fun!

And if anyone is interested in buying these Twin Dellorto 40 DHLA’s please contact me through here. Open to offers. In good condition but may need to be rebuilt and jetted to suit your application.

More pics from Garage H Full track day at hampton still to come!


2 thoughts on “86 Update

  1. hey dude keen on the carbs how much you after be keen if they cheap cheap, 0212951674

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