Part 2 Garage H Day

This supercharged Notch was very cool to see out on the track! Apparently pushing 140Kw out of the 4AGZE!

Luke Fendall’s Turbo MX-5 was the one on show at the 4NR nationals earlier this year, putting the 15×10 steelies to good use out the back too!

This soarer didnt sound 1J but the intercooler is hinting that its turbo.. maybe 1UZ Turbo?

The driving skill in New Zealand is getting better by the day which makes days like this very interesting to watch!

This was the other Supercharged Hachi at the day looking very tidy! Kouki too!

Troy Jenkins first outing in his S15! Will be good to see this out there more!

Ben’s Tris are awesome!

Ryan Entering the first section

Both Matt and Jason seemed to be having fun in the S14

Dave was definitely one of the more consistent drivers on the day

Nate in his S14 also looked like he was having a blast out there in the open Jam sessions

Sticker collection and Equips!

Ben and Ryan Packing up for the day

Have another 45 photos to go through from the day that need to be posted up… Will try do all of them at once, otherwise stay here for part 3 and 4 to come!

3 thoughts on “Part 2 Garage H Day

  1. Great shots! Hey… a quick question, I’m pretty new to Auckland… would love to get out and watch more of this kind of thing and take a few pics, how does one find out about them and stuff? Keep up the wicked content, cheers, Richy.

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