Sorry about the amount of updates (or Lack of)

Been very busy with work and other commitments but will get back on top of things soon

Back tracked with photos so will get more and more onto here.
Been working more on my daily seeing as my 86 is stuck at the wharfs in Tokyo and looks like it will be for a while…

My daily is a 1982 B310 Datsun Sunny which was seen on 3 wheels drifting haha

Got some new advan A3A’s for it and a lot more low to come but here it is as it is now:

Have accuired some bilstein shocks for the rear which are very short and will shorten the shocks and springs up front and get it sitting a bit closer to the ground.

This is after all, my day to day car so nothing outrageous. But its starting to piece together!



5 thoughts on “Slow…

  1. yea man. some nice cars parked around that area…. i drive past in my stock vzr almost everyday

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