DMNZ Taupo: Part 2

Andrew Redward was out testing the LS Powered FC for this weekends D1NZ round.

With the newly acquired knuckles, Picket was getting some good angle coming out of the hairpin.

With Sky Zhao on the chase!

Gee Mutch was bellowing smoke all day!

Waz’s 81 looks awesome, Big Win is definitely the most suited Kit for the Mark II, same as Tezuka’s Kids Heart D1 Car!

This Laurel was a very nice example of  a C33 but what was surprising was the quietness of the car. No tyre squeal nor any exhaust noise.

Jodie looks to be a tough contender for the rookie series this weekend!

The D1 guys were putting on a good show chasing each others lines.

Dave was hitting the clipping point, literally!

This Kouki S14 was doing well throughout the day and looked like was well setup with more than enough power to get through this high speed track


Final Part to come.


Full Gallery here:


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