DMNZ Taupo: Part 1

Part 1 of many to come from The Drift Motorsports NZ Day at Taupo

What was a long day for many of us travelling down, turned out to be a scorcher of a day where the track was in optimal conditions for driving and for a lot of smoke to be made.

Waz’s JZX81 Mark II sporting Big WIN full Kit, Looks so good!

This S13 was killing it throughout the day and only got better as the day progressed. With a quick “sweet as bro” hand gesture out the window, you can definitely tell he was enjoying every second of it!

Jodie from Drift Motorsports was also out there only improving throughout the day aswell, She has seemed to tame the Supra quite well, getting rid of all the small problems on the suspension side of things!

Zac was also doing well in his Turbo Notch, even in this high speed course, he was manji’ing in between the corners to link them all up!

Daniel “Fanga” Woolhouse was also here practicing for the D1 Event this upcoming weekend at Taupo and seemed to be at home with the course pouring out mass amounts of smoke from those Dunlops!

As with many of the D1 Drivers that attended this event, Sky Zhao from D-spec also took the opportunity to practice for the next D1 Round here.


This FC was an absolute killer of a machine, and with a more than talented enough driver behind the wheel, this was surely a drift weapon even with a $10,000 paint job!



Dave Steedman was there in his A31 Cefiro, this Cefiro has been around for a long time and Dave definitely seems at one with the car.


Hans Ruiterman, Carl Ruitermans brother was also there testing his S14.5 and definitely improved as the day passed! Good to see the whole family wanting to get involved!


From D1 Cars to street cars, the level of drivers and cars were varied making this day very interesting to watch!

Jordan Hill representing the RB Army in his 32 4door was also killing it throughout the day, using as much of the track as possible.

Gee Mutch was there in his RB26 Powered Subaru busting out an immense amount of smoke as he came out of the hairpin into the front straight.

More of the D1 Drivers had battles then the intermediate and beginner drivers, but always good to see the more experienced drivers showing how to do things properly!


Much more to come!



Full Gallery Here:

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