C’s Garage E70 Wagon

I went to go see Joel and Adam at C’s Garage to pick up a diff off them, I brought along my camera just in case I would be able to shoot this in its glory!

As most of us do, I’ve been following the progress on this Wagon on their blog, and have always seen the potential as did Motorfix of a E70 Wagon!

And think that Adam and Joel have achieved an high standard for this car and with the immense amount of fun to be had with it, you can’t ask for much more!

With the newly added starsharks with RE-01’s and flaring the gaurds out, this KE70 does look very tough, especially with the twin headlights!

Ive shot this motor before, it was in Hugo’s old corona which was featured here, I had the chance of driving the corona with this motor in it and now that its in a lighter body, I’m sure it’ll be a lot of fun!

Colour matching is a nice style!

Even the wheels!

With the watanabe’s borrowed off Nick on the rear, it definitely suits the style and at a nice height too!



A Motorfix & C’s Garage styled Collaboration KE70 Wagon, I cant wait for the finished product!


Oh and if anyone wants these wheels, they are also up for sale so give C’s Garage a call if you want them


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