Progress: Blairs R32 Version – Zombie

Here is my good friend Blair’s R32 4Door Skyline

He was running a Final Konnexion Front bumper but it was deemed un-streetable so the not so colour matched front was chosen

But instead of going for fibreglass options, Blair opted for a full original front from a R32 GTR which has done this car wonders for street duties!

Still running BN Sides and Rear for everyday use, this R32 is styled very shakotan style. The rear bumper wasnt put on at this time but Blair plans on getting the car painted very soon and a re-shoot is in definitely in order!

Another thing that is out of the norm for this R32 is that Blair opted for a newer more reliable engine, the formidable SR20DET and is very happy with the results!

A re-shoot is definitely in order so keep an eye out for a full feature of this car soon but for now, enjoy!

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