Chivalry isn’t dead: LS430 Lexus

From a more rugged VIP styled UCF10 that was feature here

Daniel has now upgraded to something a little more luxurious, a LS430 Lexus, the European derivative of the UCF30 Celsior

Taking this to a higher level of VIP with a Airbag Suspension setup and 20×10’s with colour matched dish,

this LS430 can rim-tuck whilst rolling as well as static! The definition function over form has been confronted.

With the touch of a remote, the ride height can be adjusted to whatever suits even whilst rolling.

The practicality of this is unbelievable, I can’t see the disadvantage of having this type of setup, especially in a car that was designed to be luxurious to start off with.

Air pressure is either lowered to lower the car itself or heightened to lift the car, and as more pressure is put into the air bags, the firmer the ride gets which means less compression in the suspension. This allows for the car to be at a precise height where the car is still tucking rim but with no rub even over uneven bumps in the road surface, what more could you ask for?

Daniel has still got some future plans for this car including parts coming over from Japan where VIP style is very popular.

I can’t wait to show you pictures of this rolling as well as the finished product but for now enjoy this stage of its life.

6 thoughts on “Chivalry isn’t dead: LS430 Lexus

  1. Not a big fan of vip style but this is rather amazing example for New Zealand! Well done to Daniel he has definatly upped the anti from his last Celsior

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