4NR: Part 2 Show N Shine

This S2000 entered by CJC won best Honda and Best Bodywork

Pedey from New Zealand Performance Car had his 67′ Wet Back on show.

Simon from Garage H driving back home with his Tyres on the back! This car was recently put on Doriten Magazine in Japan!

Matt “Chuckie” Jackson was preparing to put his FC on the trailer

Sabih’s Hachi powered by a 3SGE waiting to get picked up after the show

The CJC cars have awesome style

As does this 86 Hatch on Dunlop Formula R’s fitted on Custom made Steel Wheels

Carl Ruiterman’s New addition to the fleet

Falgoon Patel’s 5Zigen version 7 looking good also.

Mr Big alright.. Lift kits are awesome!

On the otherside of the spectrum was this LS430, more photos of this car coming soon!

D1NZ Driver Takeshi Teruya was there in his Work car, Nissan Rasheen.

Rotary Brothers

Drag Cars were in full force on the day with many of them on show on the day

Then being able to see them in action the next day was a good experience for the viewers


More to come from the show N shine aswell as other features.

Stay Tuned


Full Gallery here:

4 thoughts on “4NR: Part 2 Show N Shine

  1. is that a rx7 s5 on the back of the trailer? looks so boned out low! that silver rx7 is sick stance looks good without a bodykit and flush wheels

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