Not often do car enthusiasts in New Zealand get to see a car of such caliber up front and personal

I was excited when I saw this first, and that was still when it was under the covers!

But unveiled, it was an absolutely stunning piece of machinery.

Built by one of the most famous tuners in Japan HKS, and driven by Taniguchi Nobuteru who also drives the HKS drift car, this team is unstoppable where ever they go.

One of the most famous races for tuners in Japan is the Tsukuba Super Lap, where this HKS CT230R has the lap record of 53.589 which is yet to be beaten.

Every aspect to this car has been engineered and built to improve this car. The amount of time for each thought process of each individual part to be made to a certain specification…

The attention to detail is inspiring.

I hope someday in my lifetime I will get to see this thing at home on a circuit doing what it does best.

But for now, being so upfront and personal to this car  is enough to keep me happy



Full Gallery Here:


4 thoughts on “4NR: HKS CT230R

  1. Speechless…you guys are super lucky to have seen it in person, let only get up close and personal.

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