Club Feature: The Unicorn Club

Unicorns are a magical horse type animal with two set differences from a horse,

Number 1: Their Horn

Number 2: Their Wings

Metaphorically speaking, when this is put into a vehicle the Horn becomes the cars aggression and the wings,  the cars moving force. This includes everything from their hooves to what type of coat and breed etc etc.

These following cars definitely have those two set differences over other cars


Many of you have seen this car before and I’m guessing you wont mind seeing it again here!

Work Meisters, BN Sports, GT Wing, J-Blood Rear Overfenders, D-max Front Overfenders and F20C Turbo to top it off.  How much more aggressiveness can you get out of an Levin hatch!

The rear bumper has seen better days, Sliding passed walls, getting the tail end centimeters away from them means there has to be some sort of stop, which in this case is the rear bumper. And with this being original BN Sports its not on the cheap side either, but of course, theres a new bumper waiting to be put on.

Atleast the damage to the rear is only minor, nothing abit of beating of the panels wont fix. But tail lights on the other hand are another story! ‘

The car on the right there is their team mate – Hamish

Being appointed Alistairs old XD9’s this car definitely fits the bill

With a nice ride height for street driving to match

And Last but not least


This car was posted on speedhunters not so long ago!

BN Sports, AVS Model 5’s, East Bear/s and Rim Tuck… Enough said.

This car just oozes style, similar style to hariguchi & 326 Power!

This car has to be seen rolling, it really does amazing things to your vision!

There is one more car in the unicorn club:


But more pictures of his car later!

Hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did taking them!

Full Gallery Here:

6 thoughts on “Club Feature: The Unicorn Club

  1. I dig Hamish’s 180sx.

    How the hell does Alastair’s 180sx get around the place, let alone get WOFs?!

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