4 & Rotary Show N Shine Part 1

So this past weekend was a big weekend for 86Fighters, we had organized to set-up a stand there and get a group of us to represent 86Fighters at the show

It turned out to be a huge event with the level of cars in the show definitely stepping up as each year passes!

Took a fair few snaps throughout the day so stay tuned for more:

This was our line up:

AJ with his JZX100 Chaser and Graeme with his S15

Harry with his AW11 MR2

Sabih with his 3SGE powered AE85 Trueno

Doug with his AE85 Levin and Johnny’s KE70 powered by a CA18DET

My B310 Sunny was also put in there for shits and giggles and Graemes SA22C RX7 Race Car

But anyway, here are some cool cars that are defintely worth posting up! Enjoy:


When it was outside, it looked more at home

Another entry from the CJC crew, this FD looks awesome where ever it goes

Ok, so I think I took alot better photos when I was outside the venue when everything finished then I did while everything was on show so here are the outside photos haha

Royces Streeter R32 looking gangster!

Cool little EG on mesh!

MX-5 rolling on 15×10 steelies equals win!

And so does the amount of Camber!

Alistair and Hugo were there representing The Unicorn Club

Another Feature to come for those cars!

Heres their teammate Hamish’s 180SX

There were also some bloody cool looking hondas! More and more people are doing it right and thats what I like to see from NZ!

Anyway, Back to the show:

The CJC crew had an awesome, stand and put alot of effort into it. That effort prevailed and they won best judged Club! Top Effort!

This RX8 I’ve always wanted to take photos of, Mazdaspeed kit and Regamasters are a good combination

This widebody SA22C was also rocking SSR Mesh! Old school stying is growing!

This Camaro SS drag car was very cool

Club-K had a few good entries!

Sams S13 Onevia was looking very good in the Unicorns Club Stand!

Look Foward to more photos of this car very soon

And Alistairs 180sx was definitely one of the cars with the most style!

This Celica won best Toyota award, and without a doubt it was the best toyota there with over $150,000 spent on it as a purpose built rally car

This Supermade kitted S14 was quite a nice example for a zenki

Tarryn from I<3Stance’s Toyota BB was there looking good as usual!

Amuse GT-1 Kitted S2000! Never thought I would see one of these in NZ

Blitz 03’s look wicked side on!

This 86 was a good example what different 86 styles there are! Dunlop Semi’s looked good.

Anyway, it was an awesome weekend with alot of good people and alot of fun was had!

There will be more to come very soon!

Full Gallery Here:

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