Garage H Drift Day Part 2

Bit late, but better late than never:

Blair Martin In his S14.5 doing well throughout the day

Quater Window stickers are a must!

Elliot Keeping his cool through this run

Matt and Anna loving the battle car. No windscreen adds to the effect!

Blair takes over the camera and shows the Battle cars Fitment

as well as the wire hanging out of the exhaust haha

No bonnet would definitely help with keeping the RB cool on the track.

Graeme’s S15 Entering the first corner, white makes S15’s look clean!

Tim sporting his longchamps on the S13, still looks cool whenever I see this car, brick headlights help!

Phil Otene waiting to go onto track in his Zenki S14.

Awesome Day run by the Garage H team!

With the driver skill only improving with each track day passing by, I cant wait to see what more 2011 has in store for us!

Full Gallery Here:

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