Garage H Drift Day @ Hampton Skid Pad

The Hampton Skid pad is becoming more of a popular place for drivers to go out and have fun in their cars.

This day was a good example of this, from top D1 Competition Cars to Street driven, everyone was having a ball!

Here is Graeme’s S15 which was featured on here before. Doing well throughout the day but he definitely needed to sort the body roll!


Tim’s S13 sporting XR-4 longchamps is a very cool look. Different style to the “tsura-ichi” or flush look


Hug-o was out driving Nicks MX-5 and seemed to be liking it

Ryan from Jspec Group was also out there in his Purple S14. Have always liked this car and looks good drifting too!


Neal is getting better and better every time I see him out. Keep it up bro!

Elliot was also out there doing well in his S14

Matt Malcolm and Simon Bourke were Battling out there representing Garage H


Full Gallery Here:


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