AW + P1

My friend Harry and I have been working on his AW11 again from this post

From this:


To this:

With the addition of Buddyclub P1’s in 4×100, 16×7 +20 and BC Coilovers to lower the height its visual aspects have improved tenfold


We still need to lower it abit more and also roll the gaurds as the tyres still rub under compression but all in good time.


We also sourced some Kouki (Facelift) Sideskirts yet to put on aswell to go with the look


This is one AW11 that suits what toyota had in mind when they were developing the car,

A sports car with enthused driving in mind, and with this AW pushing out over 200kw by a 7AGTE,

Enthusiastic driving is something that is had everyday by Harry and his AW11

4 thoughts on “AW + P1

  1. They aren’t facelift side skirts, early ones had them as well. These are just a different option 😉

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