More: D1NZ Rd.3

Nick Teeboon was going well throughout the slippery track until his Axle snapped clean and ended the day early.

Hugo’s BN Sports Kit gave the Hachi quite a Look to it, just dont want to break it eh? haha

Andrew Redwards’ LS1 FC was out in the expression sessions.

Gaz Whiter doing some crazy entries and kept doing them very consistently throughout the day

Jason was using his Brothers Matt’s S14 out for D1 As his Laurel had some issues on the day, but still doing well to get into the top 16!

Simon from Garage H sliding the rear quater on the barrier whilst doing a Demo run! Crowd Loved it!

South Side Sliders Driver Nico, at a very young age came into the game at full boar and ended up winning this round of D1 Rookie

Josh Coote – Imported from Australia was here to give the NZ drivers a run, and did well through out the day too. This 180 seems to be tuned quite well,

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