Late: Garage Slipway Drift Bash Pt.2

Heres a few more snaps from the day

Dont have much to post other than it was a really well run day by the garage slipway boys and hopefully there will be more to come from the hampton Skid Pad!

On another note, My cefiro has sold so 86 is on the way so hopefully you will be seeing me get out there aswell! But wont slow down on the photos I promise! haha

Full Gallery Here:


2 thoughts on “Late: Garage Slipway Drift Bash Pt.2

  1. Hi!

    We’ve have started a Ukrainian blog about JDM cars and lifestyle,, so I wonder, can I repost some of yours pics? Of course I will add a link to your blog every time, and also a permanent link to your blog will be added to the title page.
    Waiting for your reply, thanks!

    Best regards,


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