Garage Slipway Bash – pt.1

My take of a MSC shot of Zac’s 85!

This KP was doing well all day! The driver seemed to be very in tune with the car


Waz’s JZX81 is pure awesome.


The MX-5s were out in force!

Adam was out to hit cones! hopefully next time there will be a wall instead of cones to hit!

Matt was doing really well in the battle car!


Chris, just coming back from the trip to Japan, decided to take the MX-5 out for a spin!


Mikes Soarer, unfortunately by the time I arrived had already broken a couple axles because of the new power setup but still looking good and ready for paint!


Joel’s car… Tucking the WEDS at the back!

Definitely getting the hang of it!


I had the opportunity to drive this car, so I decided to drive the balls off it and was the most fun I’ve had in a while! Cheers Simon/Garage H!

Tandems with his D1 Car was also fun, SR20DE powered Missiles are a good idea!


Neals Strawberry Face 180 was going well through out the day!


Zac using the available lock in his Notchy!

Full Gallery Here and more to come!

8 thoughts on “Garage Slipway Bash – pt.1

  1. oh yea im buying an kp60 starlet and looking for a 20v blacktop 4age for it

    could anyone help?

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