Event: NZ Performance Car “Hard Park” Pt.1

Since its the beginning of Summer here in NZ,

The biggest Performance Car magazine in NZ decided to organize an event for car enthusiasts to have a carpark meeting.


This SXE10 had a repower under the bonnet

The sticker might be abit of a giveaway though…

A very impressive setup indeed…


Alot of variety was shown on the day, like this Levin Hatch powered by a 4AGTE Setup

To this cool looking little EG Civic Hatch

Kerry’s *E70, Sam’s S13 and Roo’s FC Convertible were definitely getting alot of looks from the crowd there.

Thought to leave the plate in there as it seems to go with the car. Rim tucking RX-3 Wagon is pretty cool!

A few of the S-chassis members got in on the action

There were so many photographers on the day, I caught a ride with AJ in his JZX100 Chaser…

As you drive into the carpark there were overwhelming amounts of camera lenses pointing in your direction but then again it was a JZX…

Very nice example of a E30 Wagon

Took a snap of this JZZ30 Soarer rolling past

Very cool front end conversion on this mirage. Also had a 10Sec Club Sticker on the quarter window…

More FF Cars are liking the dish in some of the newer wheels available these days and are putting them to good use. Had to edit the numberplate too haha

Even a Toyota Century! Awesome to see the variety in Car enthusiasts in New Zealand.

More to Come!

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