Circuit Duty S14 & S15

Circuit Duty, the name gives away what these cars are built for.

As both cars drove closer, trying to turn into a park, with the sound of both tyres skipping on the road …

Overlook of the S15

what was orginally a Spec S SR20DE version, the owner Graeme has done all the necessary bits to make this S15 more tail happy

First off was a S14 SR20DET conversion, suspension and wheels.

Then the interior got a review

With a Bride Zeta III taking the stock seats place along with a Takata Harness and custom made shifter CNC’d

Along with some Apexi Gauges to tell him what was going on within the engine

and another Apex’i Item, the Rev Speed Meter to tell what speed and rev’s the engine was producing

With that making the driving position comfortable and all areas covered for the interior,

the exterior was done next with the addition of a DC2 Front lip and Aero Side and end caps

Yes, the wheels are not proper Japanese additions but they look good and do the job, and with a budget in mind he went for 17×9 and 18×9.5 setup.

The amount of taper in them looks very cool

Maybe the brands aren’t there but with money becoming a factor these are types of wheels become convenient.

Good offset helps too, although they are just temporary.

Here is his Team Mates S14 Zenki

Vertex Sides and Rear with the Aero Navan front bumper makes this a clean looking Zenki

With this car only being a new comer to the family, the interior is still fairly standard with an addition of a OMP Steering wheel, gear knob and handbrake button

If you look closer though, the Zenki meters have been replaced with Kouki ones to keep the darkness of the car

We took the opportunity to go for some enthusiastic driving as there were a couple spots that were local to me.

though there was abit of traffic in the daylight so decided to move on for some more photos as the sunset

Both cars have good fitment and ride height especially when they are daily street driven cars.

With more and more drivers contributing their money for the love of drifting, its good to see this scene expand into different communities like these two.

even if they arn’t the best cars in the world, they are still used for the same reason as everyone else…


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