More from the field of Man

Coming through the sweeper

and back out through the chicanes

into the hairpin

Mel and her JZX100 on the chase

Guess its called Team BLINK for a reason

Panasport G7’s in NZ… cool!

This datsun was probably the crowd favourite… the sound of this car still hitting limiter in 4th was cool!

This S13 was good to see as the styling is abit different what to you see usually. Small wheels are cool especially the MK II R’s

Max‘s S13 gets very smokey!

what is it with red Silvias and smoke?

Nice type X with BN sports Bonnet.

4 door love

Team battles were awesome to watch as they kept getting closer and closer as they day progressed!

Very tame 180. Did very well throughout the day

Craig Brant, Marks Dads 86 Hatch powered by a SR20DET was getting the hang of it!


Full Gallery Here:


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