Previous Event: DMNZ Manfield

Havnt really had the time to go out and shoot events recently but here are some shots from Drift Motorsports NZ Trackday a couple months ago

We headed down as a convoy for our 7hour trip from Auckland

Killing birds and cones on the way…

We stayed the night down in Palmerston North and did what every other person does in palmy… Drink

The Next morning we headed off to the track which was just down the road from where we were staying.



The weather for the day was patchy. Heavy downpours to blue skies and back to drizzle in the afternoon which made the course conditions abit tricky.

This Datsun 1200 Wagon had a monster 13B engine.

Mel was consistently getting better throughout the day getting used to the track


Good angle coming into the first 4th gear sweeper switching into a chicane and back around to a hairpin

More to come…

Full Gallery Here:

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