S-Chassis: Wings & Wheels Meet

A group called S-chassis in New Zealand, organized a meet to go to the infamous KFC as many of the members were fans of Colonel Sanders.

Not only were there quite a few people eating, there were alot of cars on show too

The name s-chassis should give away that the turn out of cars were mostly silvias.

Olly from Taupaki was there too in his kouki type X.

Along with Sam in his very clean Onevia. Sam is the one wearing the KFC beanie in the first picture

Supermade and equips go good together, along with the S12 and Type X.

Two Tone S13’s are cool from factory, add vertex, RB25DET and Advans makes this S13 very cool!

This zenki hatch was the only toyota in the sea of nissans, but was good to see a hachi on NZ roads.

With a cool 20V swap too!

R32 Four doors and Blitz 03’s are becoming a very popular combination. I see why.

Silvias interchange front like lego, On the left is a 180 with S15 (Ichigo) front and right is S13 with 180 Front…

BN Widebody Blister on a street car!


Full Gallery Here:



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