Hachi GO!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted through a friend of mine about a certain hachi that was in the build.

we met up for the first time and I was in for a suprise…

With a more track oriented look, Crystal Body Yokohama (CBY) bolt on flares and 15×8’s and 10’s trying to fill the gaurds up as much as possible,

this hachi go was definitely not your run of the mill hachi build.

Still keeping to the original blood panda scheme, he has just changed the front bumper to a kouki bumper with a zenki front lip attached to the bottom.

Origin sideskirts were then bought to go with the vertex rear bumper and TRD wing.


You can definitely tell how much wider the CBY flares are compared to stock fenders. I thought it was a damn good effort trying to fill those out.

Engine wise, at the moment is still running the old 3AU… Of course,  a new engine was on the cards but deciding which route to go for seemed to be troublesome.

He then found a good deal on a Beams 3SGE out of an SXE10 Altezza along with the 6speed transmission and some other bolt on bits so quickly snapped it up.

The engine will soon be in the process of being put in but going ITB is a costly process so he’s wanting to do things once and do it right.


Full Gallery Here:

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