FC & S12

This FC is up for sale at the moment, with a good basic setup its hard not to be tempted…

Series 5 interior, exterior and engine makes this a  series 4 with an identity crisis.

The FC has a mild port 13B in the engine bay with cusco coilovers and 18″ SSR Koenigs  holding it to the ground.

Definitely the best of both worlds.

although the FC is up for sale, the owner James isn’t leaving his car enthusiasm behind him

More the opposite as we headed home to grab the S12

Powered by a SR20DE out of an S14, this reminded my of the nissan equivalent of a 86!

With the future plans of the S12 being something along the lines of a good N/A tune,

this S12 should be something to look foward to!

Also lurking in his garage was a R32

Powered by a SR20DET, this R32 is also something to look foward to.

With this many toys at his disposal, no wonder one of them needs to go, unfortunately the FC isnt being used as much as he wanted so he is parting ways.

If anyone is interested give him a call, number is on his rear windscreen.

Full Gallery Here:

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