Simple yet Sophisticated BCNR33 GTR

As I drive down into a small suburban area, I do not expect a car of this factor to be waiting for me at the end of the road…

This R33 GTR first made an appearance at Hampton Downs a couple of weekends ago, everyone was in awe with the stance and aura it produced when parked.

What I didnt expect to see was the other addition to his fleet with as much, if not greater aggression than the GTR.

With two cars with amazing fitment, its hard to not take photos. I said I could take photos of these cars all day long, but unfortunately didnt have much daylight left so left it to the GTR.

Though heres a few snaps of the Celsior using what available light left in the day.

Work Meisters SP-1

I took a few still shots of the GTR as the owner might have it up for sale soon,

but we decided that wasn’t enough so took it out later on in the evening for a cruise.

Not everyday in New Zealand do you get to see a car of such high standard, but luckily its getting more and more common thanks to cars like this!

We stopped off at the gas station just to fill up, after this the motorway madness begins.

not many words are needed for the motorway section of this story. Ill let the pictures tell it for themselves.

My eyes started watering, not from looking at the car, but from the wind on the motorway so we decided to do a trip to the ports of Auckland

This is by far one of the best examples of a BCNR33 in New Zealand.

So much aggression with little subtle additives.

Full Gallery Here:

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