Finale of Driftopia

These are not only the last pictures from the day, but I’ve just found out this was the last Driftopia Drift day being held in NZ.

So Enjoy!

Gallery Here:

3 thoughts on “Finale of Driftopia

  1. Really neat action shots. I like the motion blur on that dark blue/purple s15. I’m going to try and shoot this style at the last event of Formula D here in the states.

  2. Thanks for the shot of Bumdubs. Really highlights the need for some spacers in thurr.

    Keep the awesome work up fellas.

  3. Michael: Cheers man, when you get the shots let me know! would like to have a look!

    pJay: Only a one man band here bro. Glad you like it though! spacers wouldnt go a miss!

    Cheers Keisuke

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