Driftopia Part II

Was a very windy and stormy day on saturday as there’s a storm the size of Australia heading over our shores but never the less the day was run well!

There were patches of sunshine which dried out the track and the groups that were lucky enough to run on them seemed to be making as much smoke as possible!

Both Andrew and Joel were linking the whole course with ease!

Gee-Much going all out into the hairpin!

Absolutely stunning BCNR33 on 18″ Kais.

After being at Meremere and Manfield last weekend, here’s Simon and Nick from Garage H doing hampton aswell! Commited!

Wade throwing the car into the hairpin

Tractor Tyres, an idea stolen from Taupo weren’t very friendly when it came to cars.

Garage Slipways new “Courtesy Car” powered by 1JZ. Hi Mark & Adam!

Friends R32 4Door, the rear gaurds flared for clearance. Fitment is getting spot on more and more in NZ

Olly from Taupaki was there also so look out for his Video Footage!

Gallery Here:

8 thoughts on “Driftopia Part II

  1. Hey man, thats my 33 GTR – just wondering if you would mind if can use some shots from here to advertise my car as it will be for sale shortly?

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