Z-Dogs (Zokusha Works) Beater A31

Couple of posts below, people started noticing that swastika on the rear guard of a A31 Cefiro….

Heres the whole car:

Looks too tidy for a beater, but as long as it is beaten to the ground,

theres no complaints!

Cheers Wade for the Photos.

9 thoughts on “Z-Dogs (Zokusha Works) Beater A31

  1. It’s actually fairly accurate camoflague from WW2 Luftwaffe (German airforce) note the cross with white edge on the door. I suppose if it was USAF grey with a shark mouth on the side it would be OK? I understand that display of this symbol in many parts of Europeis frowned apon.
    The Japanese and other cultures have used the “swaztika” symbol for hundreds of years in Buddhism and other beliefs long before the current connetations to Nazi Germany in the 20th century.

  2. Haha yea 6.5″ Actually, its a rb25de vvt so needs as little grip as possible to drift,and yea whys the usaf ok but not german, is it cause the lost the war? i love German plane paint schemes, less as more

  3. It might be because the germans killed few million peoples (jews, blacks,…) because they just weren’t german??!! But I understand 100% that all this stuff is different for us europeans (my country is next to germany) than for the rest of the world
    Rocking a swaztika on your car here would give you a few options:
    – somebody would sew you
    – some long interviews with police officers and maybe court
    – someone who just punches you in the face
    – someone woul burn your car
    Whatever comes first

    besides of all that political shit, I love that rear wheels!!!

  4. The car is painted like a Norwegian plane from WWI, our allies. In WWI American planes had swastikas on them, as did our allies. Here’s a photo of our WWI plane with a swastika.

    This car has nothing to do with Nazis.

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