Toyota’s are Fun!

Been a while since my last post.

Very busy at work and with no camera I haven’t got much to post about…

but hopefully that will change soon enough!


Here’s my friends new acquired AW11 MR2

Has a very good base tune to it, running a 7AGTE…

I will do a full feature on this once I have my camera so I wont go into detail but this is one quick car!

Me and my Friend Harry went down to pick this up from Wellington and drove it back up to Auckland

which normally takes 8hours but this time, it only took us 6… Was definitely a fun drive!

We came across some really nice cars on the way back up, but the most significant was this very nice example of a BNR32 GTR

Was the best example I had seen in NZ of a Standard GTR R32. Nothing was tampered with, even had the standard exhaust system.

Had a good cruise up with him, and the MR2 definitely gave him a run for his money!

Since I’m back in Auckland now, I went to check out how my friends KE70 build was going as I lent him some wheels to put on.

This is the result: (Photo taken off my Phone…)

More on that at a later date too!

Hopefully I will be posting more often and updating this blog abit more from now on.

Will try my best!


3 thoughts on “Toyota’s are Fun!

  1. Glad to see the car made it in one piece, looks damn good in those pics.
    I ended up buying my old JZX81 back instead of a corolla. Keep in touch guys I’ll be checking here for updates.

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